Kaleidescape has first Blu-ray movie server shipped


Kaleidescape is out with yet another industry first – we’re talking about shipment of the first Blu-ray movie server. Yup, you read that right – the Kaleidescape System is smart enough to store exact copies of your Blu-ray Discs on its hard drives, essentially turning your collection of movies into a magical experience. Kaleidescape’s system will come in a simple and elegant user interface which in turn makes choosing something to watch part of the fun – you can now kiss goodbye to those boring weekends that have you wondering whether there is anything worth watching or not. More on the Kaleidescape system in the extended post.

According to Jeff Cherun, owner of Teatro Custom Installation, “Blu-ray offers the highest fidelity for my discerning clients, but if you thought watching a DVD was frustrating, just try a Blu-ray Disc. With the Kaleidescape System you’re enjoying any of your Blu-ray movies in seconds instead of minutes. My customers will never go back to an ordinary Blu-ray player.”

The Kaleidescape Movie Guide itself will enable an unparalleled movie-watching experience. You will be able to enjoy high resolution cover art that is combined with a brief synopsis of each film alongside a host of other details to make it entertaining to explore your own collection of movies. Not only that, there is also the option of including video bookmarks and triggers to enable the system to start a movie instantly. In addition, it will also automatically adjust lighting, curtains and screen masking during playback. Since there are over 145,000 titles to choose from, Kaleidescape’s exclusive Movie Guide can safely be touted to be the largest database of its kind.

The new Kaleidescape Modular Disc Vault works perfectly with the Kaleidescape Blu-ray movie server, when paired with a Kaleidescape M-Class player, the disc vault imports, houses, and organizes your Blu-ray Discs. All copies stored on the server are then ready for instant playback at the touch of a button, and with a capacity of 100 discs, the Modular Disc Vault will simplify ownership by automating the import process.

The Modular Disc Vault will retail for $1,495 Stateside and its equivalent in Canada, where the M500 Player and M300 Player have been available since May this year at $3,995 and $2,495, respectively. Any takers?

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