Smart Astro Color Changing Lava Lamp


Lava lamps are real classics when it comes to home decor – they hardly get out of date, and are always mesmerizing to boot. Well, it won’t hurt that the Lava Lamp is given an update in the 21st century, eh? This £84.99 Smart Astro Colour Changing Lava Lamp adds a modern update with touch sensitivity at the base in the form of a button, where you can change colors with but a single touch. You are able to choose from Green to Yellow and Blue to Red, where each one will go through several shades en route to its destination color. Heck, if you like a particular color which is in transition, just touch the button on the base and you’re good to go. This will work differently from other lava lamps as it uses LEDs and other kinds of high tech wizardry, achieving its hypnotic effect in the process.

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