Conrad makes a lock to put your bike up high

by Mark R

I’m guessing that most bike locks can be taken off using some fast-filing skills or some very sharp Sawzall.

However, what if there was a way to make it very inconvenient for a thief to get to a bicycle because it was high up on a lamppost?

This is apparently the idea from Conrad, a German toy and model company who made a very interesting bike lock made from a motorized skateboard. You can watch a video of their accomplishment after the jump. Just be warned that most of the video is in German with some sporadic English.

You will note the hexagonal shape seems to embrace the lamppost. I am assuming that lampposts are of a standard circumference. Anyway, it is then as easy as mounting the bike on the frame. Then, at a touch of a button on a remote control, the bike goes up like it is in an elevator.

No thief is going to be climbing a lamppost to steal a bike, it is just too much effort and way too public of a crime to get away with. Yes, the only person who will be climbing this pole to get to a bike is the owner with the busted remote control.


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