BendDesk could change the face of desktop computing

by Mark R

This is the BendDesk from Media Computing Group. Just looking at this picture makes me want one, badly.

I can honestly say that I would probably keep my desk a whole lot cleaner if it was a screen. I have a video of it after the jump that shows a very interesting photo sorting session. You will note how they can be arranged in a row at the “bend”.

What really made it interesting was the games. You will note how the horizontal area is used as a controller to zap the bad guys dominating the vertical portion of the screen. Don’t let them go around the corner!

I suppose that I am looking forward to a future where I have screens everywhere on this BendDesk. I would probably have my work and a movie going on the vertical screen, and I would have a bundle of side-projects literally at my side. I’m guessing that since it has ten possible points of touch activity, the horizontal area could be a good for a keyboard.

Man, I’m not certain if this would increase my productivity, or decrease my attention span. Perhaps both. Either way, I might want to get two projectors and set this up on my desk now. I don’t suppose that Media Computing Group is not going to be selling these anytime soon.


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