Prime-8 Action Gorilla from I Love Robots

by Mark R

I had a chance to try out the Prime-8 Action Gorilla toy from I Love Robots, and I can honestly say that I like this one.

I’m not going to say love, as it is too strong of a word. I think I am a little too old to appreciate this toy, but adults will find it enjoyable. The Prime-8 is a toy robot that is shaped like a ball-shaped ape, and travels by way of arms on its sides. It can also stand up by means of retractable legs.

The remote control for this guy has a lot more buttons than most remote control toys. Besides sending the Prime-8 in the right or left direction, the user can shoot plastic rockets thanks to its detachable launchers. He or she can also make it Go Bananas, growl, and play games.

The games include Dodge Ball, where you try and hit the blue centerpiece with a ball. There is also racing, as well as shooting targets with the plastic rockets. The user can even play a Laser Tag game with another Prime-8 toy.

In addition to the games, the Prime-8 can be programmed for all sorts of complex activities, for those smarter kids.

In fact, I would recommend Prime-8 for older kids, perhaps older than 10. There are times when he can go pretty wild, and a young kid could possibly get hurt trying to pick up the Prime-8 while the wheeled arms are swinging.

You should be able to get the Prime-8 on the Radio Shack website for about $59.99.

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JRich Says: December 8, 2010 at 9:56 am

“I think I am a little too old to appreciate this toy, but adults will find it enjoyable.”


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