Moshi Monsters – Online game meets cell phone accessory


We all went through the Webkins craze, cute little stuffed animals that lived in an online world where you took care of them and played games and things. Well, those little guys started it all, and its been going strong ever since.

The newest kids, I mean monsters, on the block are the Moshi’s, they live in cyberspace and need you to take care of them. There are a lot of activities for your kids to participate in, playing games, socializing with friends, designing their rooms, entering contests, solving puzzles, tending to their garden and caring for their cute little Monster. All the games and puzzles become increasingly more difficult as the child’s skills develop

Well, now the Moshi Monsters are ready to hang around on your phone with Mopods. These cute little phone charms adorn your cellphone with a Monster that will flash and spin when a call or text comes in. You monster will go to work even if you’re in silent mode, so you’ll never miss another call.

If thats not enough, each one of the phone charms comes with an unlock code for  a free virtual accessory in Monstro City. The games seem fun and educational, the phone charm, cute and entertaining. I just wish that whenever my kid saw a doll she thought was cute, she didn’t ask me “but what does it do?”

Phone charms are available for $3.99 at


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