iFrogz Mogul Headphones

by Mark R

I’ve reviewed iFrogz headphones before, such as the CS40. I’ve recently had a chance to check out the Mogul from the company.

As far as their basic look, there isn’t much to differ the Mogul from the CS40, at least in the earpieces section. They can even fold up conveniently, too.

The Mogul has 50 mm speaker drivers with “super-deep bass” plus “smooth, undistorted highs, and clear vocals”.

I’ve found that any headphones that have this old-school seventies cushioned designed tends to bring pain to my ears after having them on my head for extended periods of time. This was the case after having these on my head for about eight hours. The lesson to learn here is not to avoid the Mogul, but not to keep any of this type of headphones on for too long a time.

If you want these earphones, you should be able to purchase them on the iFrogz site for about $69.99 in black, red, or white. You might want to ignore the statements about living in India, because they don’t really make much sense unless you know a little Indian history. Apparently, a Mogul is a member of the ruling dynasty.

What doesn’t make sense is this phrase on the product page: “Mai bahadur aur nadir hewn”. I did a Google search of it, and all I found was links back to the iFrogz Mogul product page. Anyone know what it really means? Leave a comment if you do.

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Jenni Says: November 22, 2010 at 5:58 pm

“Mai bahadur aur nadir hewn” means “They are beautiful” or “You are beautiful” in Hindi, if I’m not mistaken.

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