Hands on with the Anti-Gravity Web Runner from Fantasma Toys

by Mark R

I was fortunate enough to have Fantasma Toys send me the Anti-Gravity Web Runner, but I want to make certain that my wife and kids knew I had it.

Why? Have you ever seen a spider scurry across your floors, walls, or ceilings? Now imagine that spider about 10 times its normal size. I would hate to have my wife or kids have a panic attack at the sight of the big arachnid that you see in the photo.

The Web Runner is a remote control spider that can not only go across the floor, but up the walls and even on the ceiling with 360 degrees of motion. It does so with its own patented air suction technology. Its legs will move in a creepy way, and its eyes glow an eerie red.

It is powered by six AA batteries that are stored in the remote control, which has a tiny cable used to charge the spider. I found that on a full charge, the spider could climb up on a wall pretty well, but the more it was played with, it became weaker. It could only go down walls or stay still after that.

The Anti-Gravity runner is available at major retail outlets and the official website for about $39.99.

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