Wallee iPad Case


The iPad has certainly taken off in a big way, and there are so far a thousand and one ways to make use of it, with many more ways yet undiscovered. Well, why not add another one to the list with the Wallee iPad Case? Available in black and clear versions, this £39.99 purchase will be able to turn the elegant iPad into a wall mounted solution, letting you use it as some sort of glorified digital photo frame. All you need to do is click your iPad into this glossy hard shell case, screw the backplate which comes with it while interlock the X-mount to the wall, and voila! You’re good to go, with the iPad clicked and locked properly in either portrait or landscape position. Of course, if you don’t want to mount your iPad with the Wallee iPad Case, you can always use it as a regular case on your travels to make sure it offers adequate protection against everyday knocks and bumps.

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