Duel Combat for some fun times


They say that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Well, it is more often than not acknowledge that big boy’s toys tend to cost a bomb, so we do wonder whether there are toys for the yuppie generation which are easy on the wallet as well as fun. Hmmm, seems to be the very same criteria when it comes to buying toys for children, eh? The £29.95 Duel Combat offers something different, coming in the form of the ultimate inflatable gladiator fighting game. If you have a tiff with your best mate or brother, why not duke it out with the Duel Combat? It will not only help you let out your aggression in a non-painful manner, you will also be able to de-stress in the process. After all, when you’re suited up, you can’t really cheat – it is a pure fight to the finish, letting the victor lay out the terms of surrender to the vanquished, including bringing out the garbage or looking after the kids. Each purchase comes with a couple of inflatable podiums and two inflatable weapons, with the use of safety head gear highly recommended.

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