Hands on with the iPhone Horn Stand

by Mark R

Today I received the Bone Collection iPhone Portable Amplifier Horn Stand in the mail. The Horn Stand is designed to increase the volume of your iPhone by 13 decibels without the use of batteries.

That is probably because there is nothing electronic or even metal in this amplifier. I heard of this product a few weeks ago, and I assumed that it was made of hard plastic. As it turns out, it is made of rubber, and smells kind of funny when you put your nose up close.

So does it increase the sound? Perhaps on an iPhone, yes. I tried it out on my iPod Touch, and I could barely hear a sound increase. I hope the effect on an iPhone would be equivalent to the iPod Gramophone or PhonoFone II.

As the name implies, the Horn Stand also works as a stand for the iPhone. So for those who like watching movies on your iPhone screen in portrait mode, this is for you.

When it came out to the box, I found the horn was on the wrong side. The YouTube video I was watching was upside-down and the button was also on the wrong side, but fortunately, the horn part is detachable and reversible.

You can get the Bone Collection iPhone Portable Amplifier Horn Stand for about $24.95 from Cyberguys. It comes in other colors besides White, as I received the green horn.

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