NanoWatch to the fore


So you’ve got a spanking new iPod nano and yet do not know how to make it into one of the trendiest fashion accessories around. Why not turn it into a watch? Instead of using cellophane tape, you can always clip your precious iPod nano onto the NanoWatch strap you see here, using it as a wristwatch instead. Made out of 100% eco-friendly materials for those who have a heart for the environment as well as a trio of fun colors to choose from, this could very well be one of the better $19.99 purchases you will make this year. After all, such a small gadgets like the iPod nano certainly deserves adequate protection when toted around, don’t you think so? Just make sure you don’t scratch it accidentally against the wall or other rough surfaces. You can choose from blue, grey or pink shades, depending on your fashion taste. Make sure you have your own iPod nano though, otherwise you would just be wearing a regular strap.

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