This is the greatest robot costume, ever!

by Mark R

I realize that I am about a week late for any Halloween-related postings, but this robot costume should win any costume contest in any month.

I don’t have the name of the man who made (and probably wore) this costume, but, according to my Source, it took 250 hours to build this costume.

You can watch a video of it in motion after the jump. You will note that the sounds of its footsteps are not the heavy metal clanging that you would expect.

Yes, it costs a lot to make this costume, at an estimated $1000. It cost $600 on metal, aluminum, and parts, $250 for rivets and bolts, $200 for tools, $90 for the paint, and $210 to rent the truck that carries the costume. This doesn’t fit in back of the car, apparently.

Man, where was this guy when they were designing the real Power Loader Exoskeleton. I just saw a really bad Halloween episode of Community where the character Troy dons a really cheesy-looking Power Loader suit like Ripley wore in Aliens, but this one robot costume is the real deal.

I think the next question is could someone make one of these things with real guns and all the stuff that you see in Japanese animated mecha cartoons? Perhaps this is a project for the military to undertake in the future, as in right now.


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Sean Wormsbecker Says: November 5, 2010 at 5:49 pm

Hi Mark!
Thanks for the kind words – I’m the guy that made the suit, and really didn’t expect all the good vibes I’ve been getting (I originally just posted the vid to show my friends on facebook). If you’re interested, I’ve posted a second video with some still shots of the suit plus the accompanying outfit I made for my wife.

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