Ion Audio’s COZ-E: The Electric Snuggie

by Mark R

I suppose that I couldn’t come up with a better description of the COZ-E other than “an electric Snuggie”.

The COZ-E is essentially an electric blanket with sleeves, and it has a control pad with a green light for low heat, a yellow light for medium heat, and a red light for high heat.

I got a chance to try it out, and I found that the COZ-E did not fit very well. I found that it draped all over the place, making it difficult to walk. I believe that I was suppose to wear it so it opens in the back, so if I was on a couch or chair, the COZ-E would totally cover me. If I wore it so the opening is in front, it is like a small robe without a sash.

Also, I was disappointed that the COZ-E had to be plugged into the wall. It means that the user has to unplug it whenever he or she has to get up and walk around, and there is no pocket to put the cord. This cord to the COZ-E doesn’t detach easily, either. Perhaps the future COZ-E could be battery powered.

I realize that I haven’t said many positive things about the COZ-E, but much of this is because I am sort of negative toward “Snuggie culture”. My admittedly biased point-of-view just sees the people using Snuggies as this pure sedentary people.

However, I realize I need to get over that (probably), and if you do want a COZ-E, you should be able to purchase it on Ion Audio’s site for about $49.95.

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Susan King Says: December 26, 2011 at 8:37 pm

What a misleading item. It is actually a 4×6 electric throw with an attached hospital gown that is not heated. So, the only part that is heated is from the waist down.

Raymond Says: December 23, 2012 at 9:33 am

Can anyone help me? we just got the blanket and realized that it uses 110V, so we needed to use a converter however I need to know how much wattage it uses >.< and it doesn't state how much watts it uses on the manual

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