iTell Voice Recorder & Story Teller – a picture is worth a 1000 words


There’s just something wonderful about an actual photo album, sure we have digital slideshows and computer back-ups and stuff saved to disc, but to be able to just pick up a book of pictures, well, its almost a luxury these days.

I love perusing an old photo album, and if I were like my mom, there would be a date and a paragraph on the back of each picture explaining what each one was. Boring, tedious and you have to pull the pictures out of the book just so you can remember the scene. Not anymore! I’ve found the coolest thing to hit your photographs since color. The iTell Voice Recorder & Story Teller. This neat little gadget enables you to record a voice message about each photo contained in your album. First, you attach specially coded stickers to the photos and then scan each one with your iTell, it will then allow you to record your audio description of the pictures one at a time. When you go back over the pictures, each one will have a story to tell.

I can see a few of these in my gift giving future, imagine Grandma reliving her trip to Disney with my daughter by seeing the pictures while my little girl “tells” the story. Priceless, and at about $100 dollars, perfect.

The iTell Voice Recorder comes with 500 stickers, is able to be backed up via USB connection and enables you to enhance photo albums, leave secret notes or even design scavenger hunts.. isn’t that cool?


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