Dentist’s Teeth Whitener


Going to the dentist is something many people dread, simply because there is just so much uncertainty on whether you’re going to receive a load of pain or not. Extremely large needles are also another thing to be very scared of, especially when you are at the mercy of the dentist, sitting haplessly on his chair with your mouth agape. Why not fork out $49.95 on a device that might just keep the dentist smiling and inflict minimal pain on you instead, with the Dentist’s Teeth Whitener? Boasting a similar teeth-whitening technology preferred by dentists to whiten teeth by up to four shades in a week, all you need to do is apply the medical-grade whitening gel and hold the plasma light to your teeth for a couple of minutes to accelerate the whitening process by up to 200% over typical bleaching toothpaste. Each purchase comes with a couple of mouthpieces, 1/3 oz. of whitening gel, and a whiteness shade guide that monitors your progress. The device itself is powered by three AA batteries, although we aren’t too sure how long they will last.

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