Video Boroscope unleashes your creative video recording juices


For those who want to increase their scope of video recording capabilities, you can look forward toward the Video Boroscope. After all, this interesting device will feature a flexible 36-inch long gooseneck camera which is capable of snapping photos as well as videos of objects in hard-to-reach places. Of course, there are times where these hard-to-reach places are extremely dark, which is why Hammacher is offering a couple of white LEDs at the Video Boroscope’s tip in order to illuminate its subjects, with the camera tip being able to even get submerged in water of up to 10 feet deep. The scope’s image sensor is capable of capturing pictures and video with a 70º viewing angle as close as 3/4-inch, where it will be displayed on a 2.5-inch color LCD at 320 x 240 pixel resolution. All images will be saved as JPEGs and videos as AVIs onto its 32MB of internal memory, which isn’t exactly much by today’s standards. Powered by a quartet of AA batteries, it will come with an USB port and video-out port alongside the necessary cables. Hammacher is offering the Video Boroscope for $249.95.

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