Buffet Food Warming Lamp


For socialites who tend to host many parties throughout the year, surely a formal sit down dinner each time isn’t something that everyone looks forward to. There should be opportunities for you to throw a buffet, and when that happens, you would definitely need the Buffet Food Warming Lamp. Let’s face the facts – who here likes cold food anyways? This is the reason for its existence, as the food heat lamp can tilt 30º and adjust itself from 5″ to 15″ high to provide precise, direct heat which keeps buffet-style food at the optimal serving temperature. The lamp shade itself will lock into place at any angle right above a cutting board in order to keep prime rib hot , either that or it can be placed above a chafing dish so that you won’t need to go through the hassle of jellied alcohol candles. A restaurant-grade 250-watt infrared bulb can reach temperatures of 347º F, as it casts heat evenly onto food to eliminate hot or cold spots while keeping foodstuffs above 140º F, which is the same temperature restaurants use to keep food hot without sacrificing its moisture. The Buffet Food Warming Lamp comes in durable stainless steel and will set you back by $149.95.

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