Samsung Portable X-ray Machine

by Mark R

I remember seeing that Will Smith movie The Pursuit of Happyness where he is trying to sell a bone density scanner.

Clearly, he was in the wrong business, because I can’t remember the last time I had my bones checked out by a bone density scanner. I believe that the main character is quoted as saying that it gave a readout twice as blurry as an X-ray. However, Samsung is planning to get in the mobile X-ray business with this portable X-ray detector.

This detector is apparently attached to some monitor that converts the captured X-ray image right onto the screen. This certainly would make it a lot easier for doctors that have to leave the office. Aren’t most X-rays these big old machines that take up a whole lot of space?

Of course, I have heard that X-rays have this whole radiation thing about them. Samsung says that their portable X-ray solution is less harmful than conventional X-ray machines and can even bring a more accurate diagnosis.

They also say that “the benefits of using such a device include less trouble for patients who suffer from severe musculoskeletal pain”.

I suppose this is just precursor to days when we can do a harmless X-ray in realtime. We’re pretty close to that now, aren’t we?


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XR Tech Says: October 30, 2010 at 10:54 pm

I am not understanding why they are calling this a portable X-ray Machine. A portable X-ray Machine would be one that you would take to the patient’s location. We do this in the medical field usually because the patient is unable to be brought down to the X-ray exam room. I have seen two photos of Samsung’s supposed portable machine. Both of the pictures I have seen are of the patient in the X-ray exam room using the fixed tube. So, what this machine actually does is it connects a cassette to a monitor via cables. The XR Tech shoots the image with the samsung cassette and the X-ray instantly shows up on the monitor. Which is pretty pointless.

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