New augmented reality system at Digital Content Expo 2010

by Mark R

Just when I thought I was finished reporting on realtime digital video alteration with diminished reality, I see this.

This RT2 chara AR Project was on display at the Digital Content Expo 2010, and it is a very interesting augmented reality experience that has to have three studios in three different places to make some interesting videos. You can see them after the jump.

It looks like the person wearing a motion capture suit (which looks like it is from the Kick-Ass movie) is at the convention itself, while more technology for these augmented reality effects are located elsewhere. This comes in handy with the lady with the jellyfish.

My Source calls this some sort of possible holodeck, but I think that is jumping the gun a little bit. I mean, isn’t the point of a holodeck supposed to be something where a user immerses him or herself in some unreal place? However, this looks like a way for others to see someone in another environment, or record themselves somewhere else, I suppose.

So as it is, I really can only see this being used in Hollywood for special effects, really. Motion capture has been used for a lot of CG movies, and I suppose anything that can improve on those would be worth it.


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