Fog Ring Launcher makes room for some fun


Want to have some fun with your kids? Well, if it isn’t windy at all outside, you can always bring them out and have some fun with the Fog Ring Launcher. This hand-held vortex generator is capable of blasting opponents with perfectly formed fog rings up to 20 feet away. Not only that, these fog rings can be as large as 20-inches in diameter, where the launcher will gently heat up a small amount of non-toxic water-based solution that will fill the barrel with fog. A trigger will eject the fog from the barrel, resulting in a donut-shaped fog ring which will move forward but also circulate onto itself until it gently strikes a target with a harmless puff of air. There is a built-in speed control which makes fast-moving rings to envelop a target within seconds and slow-moving rings which can be experimented with by passing an object through the open hole. The solution that comes with it is capable of generating thousands of launches, where it will be powered by half a dozen AA batteries. The Fog Ring Launcher will retail for $39.95, so it shouldn’t cause too much of a dent in your monthly budget.

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