Gas Powered Snowboard for some winter fun


Since winter is just around the corner and for those who live in areas where there is enough snow to get around on a snowboard, the Gas Powered Snowboard might be something that you want to look into. This gas-powered vehicle will merge the thrill of riding a snowmobile while providing the freedom of a snowboard, allowing you to surf effortlessly even in the deepest fresh powder or on packed, granular snow. Boasting a patented rubber track that relies on 1 3/4″ snow lugs with the ability to flex as you lean in the direction you wish to go, it is full well capable of executing wide, graceful turns or perform aggressive slalom-like carvings, depending on just how much you want to show off. A 6 1/2-hp four-cycle gasoline engine will run proceedings, where it is kick-started with but a pull. Capable of accommodating riders up to 250 lbs. in weight, it can hit a top speed of 18 mph. 3/4-gallon of gasoline lets it go on for two hours, which makes it pretty handy to get around without costing you a bomb. The price to pay? $2,500 is what you’re looking at.

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Beginner Skiing Says: November 5, 2010 at 9:23 am

This is certainly not for the beginner. And please use an uncrowded slope. All in all, this is cool. But if you are thrown off, does it turn off?

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