See this Underground Skyscraper Concept

by Mark R

Some of you might remember when we reported on the Vivos Underground Shelter Network allows for some serious surviving in style. I found that this concept could even be better than that.

This particular project is known as “Above Below” from Matthew Fromboluti. His proposal is a building that drills 900 feet into the ground, an “underground skyscraper”, for lack of a better term.

The designer sees this self-sustaining community being built in a now-abandoned 300-acre wide Lavender Pit Mine, which is essentially a giant hole in the ground in Bisbee, Arizona. You will note the windows that let in the sun so trees and other plants can be grown underground.

If nothing else, what you are looking at is a lair for the next over-the-top James Bond villain. You know, for those Roger Moore ones, not the more realistic Daniel Craig flicks. Yeah, you will probably never see Daniel Craig in this environment at the end of a James Bond film, but I can easily see Roger Moore or even Pierce Brosnan trying to evade the head villain or his henchmen in this underground forest, while the subterranean skyscraper blows up in a spectacular explosion.

Yes, this certainly looks like a nice place to live, if you have to live underground. Definitely better than Zion from those Matrix sequels.


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Last Word Says: October 15, 2010 at 12:13 pm

Nice concept, but it will never happen. Vivos is reality, already built and already preparing for what may be ahead in the very near future. Fromboluti could never get his idea financed, built and/or sold in time. Might as well be on the moon!

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