Solar Powered Race Car


Most toys are powered by batteries, especially those with mechanical motors and lights while emitting sounds for an even more engaging play experience. Well, most parents would also have noticed by now that purchasing batteries over and over again just to feed a particular toy can be quite taxing on the pocket, which is why there is this thing called “rechargeable batteries”. However, there are even times when one can forget to juice up a particular set of batteries, and solar power is what we’re looking at with the Solar Powered Race Car. This fun solar racer is agile enough to move along at 3m a second, and for £14.95 you get to build it from scratch to encourage thinking and motor skills in your little one. Capable of going up 30 degree slopes without any problem, the solar panel can be adjusted for optimum speed and power. Of course, if you want it to run and there isn’t enough solar power to keep it going, you can always rely on a solitary AAA battery to have it move those wheels.

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danny clarke Says: October 14, 2010 at 7:27 am

Do you know him to have SAGUAR?

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