Special Door Designed To Protect You During Earthquakes

by Ally

If you regularly deal with earthquakes or anticipate that there will be a big one within your lifetime, you’ll appreciate this new design.  It was created in anticipation of a 7.6 magnitude earthquake possibility hitting the city of Istanbul by the year 2030.  This door will not only keep you safe during an earthquake, but it also will prolong your life should you become trapped in your home.

Should an earthquake start you can just run to the doorway, which is where you should be anyway.  Then to save yourself from any falling debris the top of the door folds to cover you.  The bottom of the door stays braced against the floor to offer a little extra support.  The most surprising, but smart addition is the hidden cabinet within the door frame that holds a wind-up flashlight, bottles of water and medical supplies.  This was done by MA design student, Younghwa Lee from Kingston’s University.  Hopefully the door can be put to use soon and save at least a few people from any extensive injuries.

Source: Geekologie

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