Google Maps somehow deletes an entire city in Florida

by Mark R

If you have never heard of Sunrise, Florida, don’t feel too bad. As it so happens, Google didn’t have this city on Google Maps.

This happened for about a month, and it has apparently been the third time that this city has been eradicated from Google existence. If you tried to search for Sunrise businesses, you will be redirected to Sarasota, Florida, which is a city about 200 miles away.

That is hardly nearby, and not even close to the same spelling except for the letter “S”. Boy, does this explain why you do a Google search for one thing and get a results list of five things completely unrelated to it.

Apparently, there has been people of Sunrise who have complained about losing business because they were not acknowledged by the big Goog.

You know what this reminds me of? The Simpsons Movie. There is a scene where the EPA seals off the entire town of Springfield in a giant plastic dome, and manages to eradicate the very memory of the town by simply eliminating Springfield off all GPS devices. “Now approaching…nothing.”

I remember watching that scene and thinking: “I’ll bet it really is that easy to erase a city”. Clearly, someone has nearly deleted a city from Google Maps without even trying, probably. Perhaps Google has way too much power here.


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