Deni Cordless Electric Gravy Boat

by Ally

Whenever you’re serving dinner, gravy is notoriously the first thing to go cold.  That’s no fun when you’re dying to dive into some steaming hot mashed potatoes and find yourself left with lukewarm mashed potatoes after the gravy has been poured on top.  Thankfully it turns out there’s an electric gravy boat out there that won’t require you to trip over any cords.

The Electric Gravy Boat has a warmer that will hold sauces or gravies at their ideal temperature.  The boat itself is made out of ceramic and has an oversized handle to help you keep a hold of the entire thing.  It has an on/off switch and a detachable cord that’ll let you charge it up and remove the cord.  You can wash the boat itself in the dishwasher, but the electronic part will have to survive on being wiped clean.  You can purchase one for $20.46 through Amazon.

Source: GadgetGrid

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