Shattered Clock

by Ally

At first glance this clock seems to be absolute chaos and like it’s missing a hand.  However, once you realize how to read it the clock immiately makes sense.  This clock is meant to show that odd relationship between order and chaos.  It’s also managed to land itself as my new favorite clock.

In the picture above the clock reads 12:10.  The hand points to the minutes while the hour is merely indicated by the number that actually reads clearly.  The numbers shift around to come together or to form something besides the gibberish you see on the rest of the clock.  Before writing up this clock I thought my eyesight was perfectly fine, but clearly it must have gone horribly wrong.  Otherwise I would swear that the clock is priced at 2000 USD, but maybe they forgot a decimal point somewhere.  You never know.

Source:  Neatorama

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