Etch A Sketch® iPad Case

by Ally

You have to love a company that is willing to really branch out and create an official iPad case that resembles a very popular toy from years before.  Sure, Etch A Sketch may not have the popularity it treasured as it did years before, but now all of the devoted kids are adults and it’s time to tap into that market.  This official iPad case will allow for you to look cool, all the while making it possible for you to get access to all the necessary areas.

This even has rubber feet to help you prop up your iPad a little.  The case will protect your iPad, but has windows to show off certain areas, including the Apple logo on the back, your ports and necessary buttons.  Plus, it obviously leaves the front wide open, allowing for you to operate it without any trouble.  You can go ahead and purchase these right now through Headcase.  They’ll just cost you $39 a piece.

Source:  ForeverGeek

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