Massage game for the Wii uses the Balance Board

by Mark R

Things are looking quite good if you want to have a virtual girlfriend. You can take them for a romantic getaway at Atami, and you can do some interesting exercises together.

This next development was seen at the Tokyo Game Show, and it is a Wii-enabled LovePress virtual massage system. This game allows the users to select a particular type of girlfriend, and then give her a massage via the Wii Balance Board.

There is a video of it after the jump that I would assume shows the game’s creators. I say “assume” because the video is not in English. I do know from my source that the creators are at the Kanagawa Institute of Technology.

The video is sort of funny to watch because it shows one guy getting a little too friendly with a Wii Balance board. It isn’t NSFW, but just to let you know, the game is programmed to say phrases like “No, I believe you are gentle” or “Stop! Where are you touching”.

I’m pretty sure that the creators of this game know this, but the material of a WiiFit board is slightly harder than the flesh of a woman. I wonder if they plan on doing something to make the massage more realistic. On second thought, I don’t want to know.


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