Check out this Portable Coil Gun

by Mark R

See this weapon? It looks like it was plucked from the set of Aliens, doesn’t it?

This is actually a coil gun. It case you don’t know what that is, a coil gun is a projectile weapon that uses a powered electromagnet rather than a powder magazine to shoot a bullet. These electromagnetic coils are essentially a solenoid, a strong magnetic field to pull a projectile to the center of a coil, and the promptly to another coil. By the time the bullet leaves the gun, it will be traveling at a very fast speed.

I have a video of it after the jump to show what this coil gun is made of, as well as some footage of it shooting a few objects.

What makes this coil gun unique is that it is portable. Well, it looks pretty heavy, but still portable. Most coil guns are bigger, and require a cord. As you can see in the video, it is powered by a long 12V Nickel-metal battery.

Apparently, the builder has been on this project for two years, and I love what he has come up with. Hopefully, his next project will be a weapon that can shoot something like a controlled burst of lightning, like in The Matrix. As far as I know, he’s not planning to make something like that, but this is just a suggestion on my part because I think a lightning gun would be very cool.


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