Volquarium erupts safely


Love those mesmerizing lava lamps? You won’t go wrong with the Volquarium then, as this merges the idea of a lava lamp with that of a model volcano. After all, volcanoes are supposed to erupt, and that’s exactly what this unique desktop display does, generating a mesmerizing cyclical display which evokes the rumblings of a subaquatic volcanic eruption. The tank is filled up to the brim with 26 3/4 oz. of water, where it results in a diorama of an undersea vent with three phosphorescent corals and the ocean floor. An unseen pump located right under the volcano will silently draw in dozens of 1/8″-diameter translucent red and clear plastic pellets, followed by ejecting them from the cone to simulate a slow, majestic eruption. The pellets themselves are illuminated via red, blue, and green LEDs which will flash randomly to look as though the lava glows. The Volquarium will retail for $39.95 a pop, making it more than a half decent living room addition.

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