KNEX Corkscrew Coaster


There is nothing quite like the exhilirating feeling of sitting through a roller coaster ride as your adrenaline rushes all over the place to provide you with literal as well as figurative highs. Well, you might not be able to reproduce said feeling with the KNEX Corkscrew Coaster, but you can certainly have fun watching the tiny car zoom and zip around the track as you imagine just how you would feel if you were sitting in a life-sized model. This 337 piece building set allows your imagination to come up with your very own corkscrew coaster ride, and at just £24.95 a pop, it ain’t too expensive to bring one set home either. You will be able to build it up to a maximum height of 1.75 feet, where the motorized Corkscrew Coaster will be able to bring the car up, down and round its awesome track. Its motor runs off a couple of AA batteries though, so you might want to get some rechargeables to keep it going without adding more trash to the environment.

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