Mr. Hyde Robotic Top Hat

by Ally

If you love Halloween and DIY projects, then this hat is the perfect combination.  It’ll be enough to keep you busy for quite a while, plus you’ll have something fun to show off come Halloween.  This hat features a head that pops out, can move around and even make a little noise.  Of course I hope you have some artistic sculpting skills, because you’ll need them to make the head for this hat.

You can read through the full Instructables tutorial to figure out if you really think you can pull off the job.  You can even watch a video to really see the hat in action.  This is definitely not a simple project, but it could be well worth the effort.  It’ll probably also take a decent amount of tools and electronics.  One little snag with it, due to the way it was designed it will drain the battery after you activate the hat a dozen times.  Then again, you may figure out a better way of making the hat so that you’ll get around that issue.

Source: Instructables

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hukiworld Says: September 11, 2010 at 6:24 pm

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