Garmin introduces the Nuvi 2200 and 2300 GPS series

by Mark R

I am not certain if the market for stand-alone GPS devices is strong, but I believe that Garmin still is the leader in a business that is slowly being replaced by smartphone applications.

The company has just recently announced two new lines in their Nuvi series, which includes the 2200 (2200, 2250, and 2250LT) and 2300 (2300, 2300LM, 2350, 2350LT, 2350MT, and 2370LT) series.

Both the 2200 and 2300 models have Garmin’s ecoRoute fuel-efficient routing and driving tools technology, as well as My Trends to save your favorite destinations and automatically remember routes and travel times. They are also come preloaded with maps of the lower 48 United States, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Grand Bahama Island, Nassau, and the Cayman Islands.

The 2250 and 2350 have the same maps, but include Mexico. The 2250LT and 2350LT have the LT suffix because they get lifetime traffic. As for the 2360LT and 2360MT, they have all the features plus Bluetooth wireless hands-free calling. The most advanced is, of course, the 2370LT, which is preloaded with North American and European maps.

All these units are available on the Garmin website. The Garmin 2200 is $149.99, the 2250 is $159.99, and the 2250LT is $179.99. The 2300 is $199.99, the 2300LM is $239.99. The 2350 is $209.99, the 2350LT is $229.99, and the 2350MT is $269.99. The 2360LT is $259.99 and the 2360MT is $299.99, and the 2370LT is the same price.


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