Dolphin Earphones

by Ally

Some people prefer to have top of the line sound accessories that only deliver the most crisp of sounds.  However, for the most part I don’t really feel the need to spend a small fortune on earphones, earbuds, headphones and every other sound device destined to be jammed in your ears.  Usually I go for comfort, but I do also like ones that fit my tastes.  If you like cute little dolphins, then you’re in luck.

Dolphins are one of those animals that seems to be loved by mostly females, I don’t know of a lot of guys that have dolphin figurines lying around.  However, it does come in blue if you are a male that enjoys dolphins or a female that doesn’t really want the pink version of these.  They come from Brightonnet and the shipping alone may require that you sacrifice a decent chunk of your paycheck.

Source: Akihabara

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