Starlite LED Light does double duty

by Ally

Book lights are very handy for big time book lovers, but only every now and then.  I don’t know of anyone that uses it on a daily basis.  That often means that it gets forgotten in the bottom drawer and you leave it with a dead battery for far too long just due to not thinking of it.  This Starlite USB Rechargeable Light has a little bit of an edge in that area.  Not only does it function as a book light, but it’s also a desk lamp.

Sure, it’s not a large desk lamp, but when you’re not using it to clip onto your favorite book it can be used for small tasks.  Plus, I absolutely love that it charges up through the USB port, because it means that you’re not stuck remembering to make a battery trip.  Beyond that it’s a very basic light, but it has all the best features to make sure that you’ll get a whole lot of use out of it.  You can pick one up for $25 through the MoMA Store.

Source: HolyCool

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