Heated Dining Room Table

by Ally

It never fails, no matter where I go I am always the one that’s frozen.  Everyone else could be almost sweating and I’m resisting the urge to shiver.   If you’re also cold natured, then this is definitely the table for you.  This Japanese design will keep you warm while you sit in that drafty dining room.  Of course if you’re the only one cold, you’re going to end up roasting whoever else is stuck at the table.

The table is from Hidakagu and has a 360 watt infrared heater underneath of the table itself.  It is designed to keep your legs and lower torso warm.  The table was actually inspired by the traditional Kotatsu, which is a low table/blanket/heater combination that wasn’t designed for dining.  This table takes the two and combines them.  Unfortunately, I don’t see a whole lot of information on purchasing these just yet.

Source: OhGizmo

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