Cable Capture Stacker


Want to end cable clutter once and for all? That can be achieved using the Cable Capture Stacker, a new way of organizing and hiding the mess of cords, regardless of whether they come from a stereo, boombox, computer, video games console, home appliance, TV, lamp – you name it, it can handle all of those with aplomb (up to a reasonable degree, of course, until someone perfects the wireless power technology that we’ve seen a glimpse of in the form of the Palm Touchstone. The Cable Capture Stacker tower is able to hold half a dozen cords of up to 8 feet in length on individual “pods” neatly in order to make tangling of wires and cords a thing of the past, relieving your house of another eyesore in the process. It isn’t that expensive either, retailing for $24.95 a pop. All it takes is a simple twist for a pod to be unlocked, letting you work with a separate cord. Want to put it back? Just twist it again and you’re good to go.

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