Voice Control Helicopter


Are you frustrated that whatever you tell your kids seem to fall on deaf ears? Then the Voice Control Helicopter might come in handy, although it is rather sad that you will need to fork out £39.99 to have a mechanical contraption obey your commands. This ingenious Voice Control Helicopter is smart enough to respond to your commands, and will be able to obey five pre-loaded commands. All you need to do is wear the microphone set (which somewhat resembles a Bluetooth headset) and start sending out commands to show who’s boss. You will be able to tell it to start its engines, head up higher or go lower, to hover in mid-air or even move forwards and backwards. Not only that, there are LED lights that make it look all the more cooler, while juicing up the Voice Control Helicopter is a snap. Folks who speak in French or Spanish will also be able to have a go at it, making this a truly intercontinental flight.

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