DIY Dinosaur Light Kits

by Ally

Whether you have a kid that loves dinosaurs or you yourself have a child-like love for them, these dinosaurs would make for a neat decoration.  Plus, it would give you a project for a rainy day.  These white lamps may not offer a whole lot of task lighting, but they will make any room look a whole lot more interesting.  Nothing makes a room feel more welcoming than a miniature glowing dinosaur in a corner.

There are several dinosaurs to choose between, most are made to just sit on your desk, all except for two of them.  Out of those other two is one that sits on the floor and stands 38 inches tall, while the other one hangs from the ceiling.  They’re all white and all come as a kit that you make on your own.  If you’re not a huge fan of the light, the light can always be removed leaving you with just a dinosaur figurine.  You can purchase the big T-Rex for $56 while the rest go for $24.90 through Gadget Brando.

Source:  Crunchgear

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