Circadian Sleep System


Can’t get to sleep, and you have just about tried all sorts of solutions to no avail? The Circadian Sleep System from Hammacher might just do the trick, since this clock will rely on both light and sound therapy in order to reset your body’s regular sleep patterns to make it a whole lot (in theory, at least) easier when it comes to falling asleep at night only to wake up with a more rejuvenated feeling in the morning. In other words, this unique sleep system will move in tandem with your body’s internal clock, where the circadian rhythm responds to light levels over the course of a 24-hour cycle, causing one to sleep or wake up. The clock will feature a light panel that relies on 70 white and 30 blue LEDs which decrease or increase in intensity to simulate dusk or dawn. In a Harvard Medical School study, blue light can immediately improve alertness in the morning – no questions there. You can also hook it into a desk lamp and dim its light at dusk and brightening it at dawn for maximum effect. Sleep and wake time intervals of 5, 15, and 30 minutes to match waxing and waning light levels with music played from its FM radio or your MP3 collection can also be programmed. Spending $249.95 to end your agony shouldn’t be worth losing sleep over, eh?

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