MP3 Teddy Bear appeals to all ages


There is just something about a teddy bear that can break down walls of conflict between warring factions, never mind if we’re talking about boyfriend and girlfriend or mother and child. The MP3 Teddy Bear keeps things up to date despite being a plush teddy, boasting an integrated MP3 player as well as an internal speaker that should be enough to keep your ears occupied. Heck, the MP3 Teddy Bear can also be used to calm your fiesty kids down at the end of a long day, featuring 90 minutes of pre-recorded calming nature sounds and classic children’s songs such as The Wheels On The Bus, Brahms Lullaby, and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Parents who are more creative can opt to throw in another six hours of their own music or voice recordings. A USB cable enables one to plug it into a computer for file transfer via the tried and tested drag-and-drop method. Buttons on teddy’s feet will allow one to control power, volume, and song selections. Powered by a trio of AA batteries, we would recommend taking batteries out of the MP3 Teddy Bear when you’re done as you wouldn’t want the batteries to start leaking after a while. Hammacher is asking $49.95 for the MP3 Teddy Bear.

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