Hands on with the ZOMM

by Mark R

I first encountered the ZOMM at CES last January, and I finally managed to get my hands on one for review.

In case you haven’t heard, the ZOMM is designed to link to one’s phone or mobile device wirelessly via Bluetooth, and emit a high pitched noise if the ZOMM and device get too far apart. I believe that you are meant to keep the ZOMM in your pocket (perhaps with your keys), so if you leave your cell phone where you shouldn’t (like on a table of a restaurant), the ZOMM will alert you.

Out of the box set up was pretty simple, and the device needed to be charged for about 4 hours and then have mobile software loaded to it. My wife did that part, and she seemed to notice that it looked like ZOMM had very few subscribers. I’m just quoting my wife, and she could be wrong.

When the ZOMM was turned on, I was able to walk across the room and hear a faint beep. When I walked outside the house, the beeping became a loud blaring. Since it was night, I thought I was going to wake the neighbors. How can something so small be so loud?

All in all, I would recommend this product to anyone who has left their phone behind before. Of course, if you can occasionally leave your mobile phone behind, then you might not remember charging the ZOMM when needed.

Here’s something that you might not know. The ZOMM was invented by a Mom. That isn’t some Dr. Seuss rhyme scheme going on there, but ZOMM is an acronym for Zachary, Olivia, and Madison’s Mom. Apparently, “it is a brainchild of a mom who noticed a common problem among all mobile phone users and provided a solution”. It definitely lives up to its slogan of “alarmingly smart”.

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Stacy McClinton Says: August 21, 2010 at 8:02 am

So my ZOMM gets 2 out of 5 stars. Here are the reasons why;

1. Part of being a wireless leash means it keeps you and your phone together. I tested this and left my phone in my car and went walking down the driveway and out into the street. I made it a little bit before the alarm went off. So if you go walking away and leave your phone lets say in a restaurant, the ZOMM beeps and alerts… so you turn off the alarm and go back to where you remember you left your phone. Lets say some waiter pocketed your phone. The two of you could very well stay in the same building without it going off. 30 ft radius is too large.

2. Only the ZOMM beeps… NOT YOUR PHONE which would make more sense. It would answer the question… ‘where’s my phone?’ or Who’s pocket is it in? That would make all the difference to me in reviewing this product. An $80 dollar wireless bluetooth phone leash device should cause your phone to call out to you and say ‘I’m HERE!’.

3. The speakerphone is WEAK. I drive a new model Honda that purrs like a kitten and I keep the windows rolled up on brand new pavement and STILL can’t hear the person on the phone when it’s on my key chain. In fact I actually have to HOLD the device to my ear to hear, then HOLD the device to my mouth to talk! WHATS THE POINT?? May as well talk on my phone!

4. If you wanna use the device reversed and find your keys (if it’s on your key chain) with your phone by separating the two so the ZOMM beeps, then you have to go put your phone somewhere 30 ft away. I have a decent sized apartment and with my phone on one end and the ZOMM on the other, the ZOMM still doesent go off. That means to find the keys I need to take my phone outside and then what… ask my husband to listen for the beep in the house. :/

5. This product should be sold as a portable 911 device instead. It’s the only reason I really like having it (assuming it works properly). In fact, I’m sure this is the real reason for the price, because no little device that simply beeps when you walk away from your phone should cost $80 bucks. Ridiculous.

Chris Dibor Says: August 30, 2010 at 9:41 am

The Zomm is basically nice but for the primary function, try the NIO – its faaar better. it has variable range – 2 -25meters, handset and hio unit both alert you, which means it can work as a toddler leash too (with the phone in your hand of course> Its only the the 911 function where the Zomm trumps the Nio

Adam Says: September 17, 2010 at 10:32 pm

Seems like a good theft deterrent too. As I pick-pocketer tries to take your phone, you would be alerted. If you are fast enough, it could possibly aid following the person.

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