Paper Jamz accessories hit the UK market


Remember the paper guitar which we covered in May earlier this year? Yes, your Paper Jamz guitar will no longer be lonely, not when they have the Paper Jamz accessories released to let you pump up the volume and lose yourself in a jam session (whether alone or with your mates, it is totally up to you) until the police come knocking on your door to ask you to tone it town. The £14.99 Paper Jamz Amplifier will come in a quartet of classic designs, and will be able to be plugged into your Paper Jamz instrument (or portable media player if it is compatible), allowing you to crank up the volume in a rich sounding manner. As for the £24.99 Paper Jamz Drum, this touch-sensitive kit-on-a-mat has a built-in amp, allowing you to tap along to several preloaded rock classics. Individual song rhythms can be controlled with your fingers without the need for drumsticks. The £4.99 Paper Jamz Guitar Strap does nothing but make you look better. Who would have thought folks would prefer to wear paper over bling?

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