Panasonic VIERA GT25 expands full HD 3D plasma TV market


So you’ve decided to settle for a plasma TV after thinking long and hard between a LCD, LED and plasma displays to adorn your spanking new home. Right after you have made your decision, another one beckons – will your plasma TV be 3D capable or not? After all, if you’re going to blow good money on a TV, why not go the whole nine yards and get the best? Panasonic might just have the affordable answer for you with the Panasonic VIERA GT25 full HD 3D plasma TV range, where it will come in 42″ and 50″ display sizes. The smaller TC-P42G25 will retail for $1,699.95, while the obviously larger TC-P50GT25 will be slightly more expensive, having been tagged at $2,099.95. Both models will hit the market later this month, so you just have around 2 more weeks to make sure that your bank account is able to accommodate this new purchase without the missus raising a ruckus on the family finances.

One thing about 3D TVs would be having to purchase additional eyewear, although some 3D TVs do come with a pair of glasses to get you started right out of the box. Sad to say, Panasonic’s VIERA GT25 does not fall under the latter, but will require you to fork out even more dough to purchase Active Shutter 3D Eyewear which is required for viewing 3D content. Of course, these two are smaller models in the family, as for those who have the budget as well as living room space can always check out Panasonic’s VIERA VT25 series that comes in 85-inch class, 103-inch class and 152-inch class professional Full HD 3D Plasma models.

Despite being one of the more affordable models in the market, they will not skimp on performance, since they will also come with many of the same innovative features found on the critically-acclaimed VIERA VT25 models such as Panasonic’s proprietary IPTV functionality, VIERA CAST that delivers USB connectivity which in turn makes room for a wireless LAN adaptor if and when required, keyboard and USB memory. You can also enjoy your favorite entertainment sites online including Amazon Video-on-Demand, Netflix, Google’s YouTube, Picasa Web Album, Bloomberg, Pandora, Twitter and a weather service, not to mention accessing Skype. Since typing input into a TV can be quite frustrating and slow, VIERA CAST’s interface has implemented quick keyword input to retrieve favorite content faster and easier.

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hukiworld Says: August 17, 2010 at 6:04 am

3DTV’s are a fad. These televisions will not sell much. I honestly prefer the regular HDTV without the crappy dark tint you get from those glasses. I mean seriously, when you put shades on, everything is a tint darker. WTF! Just give me nice bright crispy clear high definition WITHOUT a dark tint you get from ALL 3D movies and televisions. No thank you. This whole 3D shit won’t last long trust me. Unless they make them where you don’t need stupid glasses, then it will be worth buying. You think I am going to buy glasses for everyong in the family and then have the kids lose them or break them and cough up $90 for each pair? FU#! THAT!

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