MotionTouch announces the complete iPhone accessory pack known as Mi-Life


iPhone owners will know that their smartphone is one device which is a hot commodity among third party accessory manufacturers. After all, being one of the hottest selling smartphones in the market along with its highly desirable design has caused many people to pick up protective cases of all shapes and sizes, not to mention design to make sure their iPhone remains pristine at all times. MotionTouch joins in on the game but ups the ante with their complete iPhone accessory pack known as Mi-Life. Mi-Life will bring together both the Mi-Power battery sleeve and Mi-Stylus, which we will learn more about it in the extended post.

First of all, we have the Mi-Power, a ground-breaking, eco-friendly iPhone battery sleeve. This means you no longer need to miss another important call, since it is actually a convenient spare battery that is ready to provide additional juice whenever the need arises. It can be charged from a USB port directly, or you can always take the greener route by taking advantage of its solar panel. The Mi-Power sleeve is capable of providing up to 1.5 hours more talk time for you , giving you protection against knocks and drops at the same time.

As for the Mi-Stylus this, precise, lightweight stylus allows you to use it on the iPhone without any problems whatsoever, alongside other touch sensitive products from Apple like the iPad. It is made out of a special composite rubber, where the Mi-Stylus’ slanted nib will imitate the electrical characteristics of the human finger, delivering a level of touch screen response which cannot be found in a traditional rigid-tipped stylus. Not only that, the edge of the nib can be used for selecting smaller on-screen items, which is something that a finger cannot do easily in select circumstances. With the Mi-Stylus in action, it will keep your phone’s display clean and smudge-free. The Mi-Life will retail for $25, while an individual Mi-Power sleeve will go for $20 with the Mi-Stylus costing another $10.50.

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Dillon-Paul Cox Says: August 15, 2010 at 1:50 am

Hellohave you not seen the Mophie Juice Pack thats been out for a long time and it was cooler!!

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