SmartDiagnosis makes your washer or dryer sing out when broken

by Ally

Appliances are more and more finding themselves connected to the internet for repair purposes.  If for some reason you don’t have wi-fi or just have fickle wi-fi that means you’re going to be running a networking cable when your appliance is on the fritz.  Thankfully, LG has created an alternative for their washers and dryers.  Instead of hooking them up to the internet, they play a little tune for the technicians on the other end of the line.

You just call your LG technician and they’ll give you some complicated code to punch in.  Then once that’s finished your washer or dryer will start to play a series of tones for the technician.  Then LG can decide whether you’re in need of a repairman or something simple like unplugging the dryer and plugging it back in.  SmartDiagnosis is already making it into some of their machines, one of which is the one shown here, WM3885.  It runs for $1,900, so these aren’t cheap machines.  Personally speaking I think I’d like the tones better than an internet connection, but this is one of those areas where it’s all about personal preference.

Source: OhGizmo

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