Plant Watering System for travelers

by Ally

You can’t help but love traveling on occasion, but there are a few hurdles you have to deal with.  Those of you that love to be surrounded by living things have those pesky plants and pets to handle.  They aren’t so bad while you’re there, but the second you need to leave you have to make accommodations for them.  I’ve come across automatic feeders before for the pets, but for plants you’re almost always stuck calling a neighbor.  However, now there is this Plant Watering System for while you’re away.

I suppose you could use it all of the time, but it’s not all that attractive.  Plus, you’d have to keep your plants clumped together all of the time.  To use it, you just put the battery-operated pump into a large container filled up with water.  Then you run the tubing to each plant.  There is a timer on the system that can be programed to give a certain amount of water and can work as often as 5 times a day on down to once a week.  You can pick it up for $39.99 through Skymall.

Source: RGS

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