Hands-free WristOffice

by Ally

The iPhone 4 antenna issue has put 3rd party gadget companies into a frenzy.  Apple’s screw up means that they have an opportunity to profit off of it with accessories promising to solve the problem.  However, the ones created that were only capable of taking care of that singular problem might not do so well now that Apple has started to ship free bumpers.  This particular accessory was a little smarter about things though.  It can actually be used for more than just the iPhone 4.

Just pop your phone onto the wrist strap and you easily have it within sight.  It also means women that happen to be lacking pockets that day can have another alternative besides carrying the phone in your purse.  The WristOffice isn’t the solution for everyone, but it could make it easier to use a smart phone when your hands are also busy doing other things.  Of course this little accessory still doesn’t exactly make texting while driving entirely safe.

Source: Ubergizmo

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